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It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned periodically so they will continue working at peak performance for many years to come. There are just a couple of things to consider before calling for Solar Panel Cleaning Services. You may ask how often do my solar panel need to be cleaned? The frequency of cleaning your solar panels has a lot to do with the region or area where you live. In areas where there’s less rain and more dust in the air will mean increasing the frequency of cleaning your panels. As solar panels become dirty they begin to block and reflect the solar rays and performance is reduced. Solar panel cleaning is much like cleaning other glass surfaces only a little more dangerous. Most Solar Panel Cleaning Services now offer pure water cleaning methods. This ensures that there is never hard water minerals left on your panels. (It’s important not to spray your solar panels with hard water and let them sun dry, as this will cause hard water build up and damage the glass surfaces.)

Solar panel cleaning before and after
Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Solar Panel cleaning

Squeegeez Solar Panel Cleaning Services is able to provide professional high-quality results for our clients while doing each job safely. It’s our goal to provide you with great Solar Panel Cleaning Services at affordable rates without damage to your solar panels, roof or surrounding areas. Our solar panel cleaners are experienced and skilled to safely handle your solar panel cleaning needs. Just count up your panels and give us a call.
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